Turn around time

I try to get your images turned around just as quick as possible. Turnaround time is very important to me so I strive to go above and beyond your expectations. Time depends on the project but normally all pictures are uploaded to your gallery and ready for your order within 4 to 6 days.

High Quality Products

Prints, Prints and Mounting, Wall Decor, Photo Gifts, Albums, Cards, Photo Books, Framing. I also offer many types of finishes that include Glossy, Linen, Lustre, Metallic, and Metal Prints.

Excellent Equipment

I use 2 different Sony cameras the A99 and the A77 Alpha’s. These are not your typical point and shoot cameras my equipment produces the sharpest detailed images along with the most true to life colors that I’ve ever seen.

Gift Certificates Available

Jason Bishop Photography is pleased to announce gift certificates. These can be used towards sitting fees, packages, and custom print items. Available in any amount.

"You think outside the box like there is no box! You're imagination & vision knows no bounds!"

− Kendra Ellington

"You always do such an amazing job and everyone can see that you put your heart and soul into all of your pictures!!"

− Ashley Burton-Bibb

"I would choose you as my photographer not because your good at taking pictures, but because your GREAT at capturing moments."

− Arin Mcgrew

" I really would love some family pictures! I am in love with your photography and look to see if you have new pictures everyday and recommend you to literally everyone!!! You inspire me because coming from a small town its often hard to step out of our comfort zone and go for our dreams and you have done that and succeeded so greatly!"

− Nancye Gage

"I love pictures by you for many reasons !
1- u r the best jason bishop
2 - u r so personal and friendly
3- u go out of your way to make sure we have a fav shot not only 4 me but I have witnessed it with my friends as well
4 - u always make sure we r happy with what we got and make sure we r happy with how we look
5- u r open to my crazy ideas & go with the flow & dont judge lol
I could go on and on but needless to say we added a new little family member since our last family photos by you and we would love a PERFECT updated one by you"

− Jaime Ennis Posey

"You capture the love in the photos, you don't do a half fast job. You make the pictures come to life. Btw you're the reason I hope to become a photogragher as good as you.!"

− Ashton Nicole

"You're photography is full of creativity! And not only do you take amazing pictures, but you have fun while doing it!"

− Mackenzie Nichols

" I would choose you again because you think out of the box and you let my 8 year come up with ideas and then let us use some of his ideas!!!"

− Teresa Poole

" I love the way you do your photos!! Everything is original and fresh. you don't stuck to the status quo. You have photographed allot of my friends and i loved them all and I'm dying to get family pics done since we added our baby boy to the family!!"

− Tiffany Thomas

"I like the way you are different. Your photography style is so beautiful to me!!! You can do the most abstract, different looking style of picture, to the most elegant, soft and beautiful style!!! I love to look at your pictures over and over again!!"

− Blaire Burnett

" Jason Bishop is the only person I will allow to take our photos!! He is amazing. We started using him when Landon was 1 and I'll never forget when Landon beaned him in the head with a walnut. He just kept on going and amazingly agreed to take more photos of our walnut chunking kiddo! We have our pictures made every year with Jason and proudly call our house a Jason Bishop art gallery! We will continue to have Jason take our photos every year until Landon has a family of his own and then I will insist they use him!! Best photographer ever!!"

− Mandy Williams

"You are the most patient photographer I've ever seen. You did an excellent job on Danielle's senior pics and I was so pleased. I would love to have our family picture made. And I've been so impressed with your work lately, it gets better and better and I thought it was perfect before."

− Dana Stacks Lancaster

"I love your work you are the best.."

− Kim Malone

"Best pictures our family has ever had made and we have used several photographers. We had some unique and individualized pictures for every person on the familiar. That's hard to do with 7 people! He will definitely be our photographer again"

− Janette Hill